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Petrol In Diesel

Putting petrol in a diesel car is more common than you would think. It is mainly because the two pumps’ nozzles can be confused, and a petrol nozzle can fit into a diesel vehicle. When you put the wrong fuel in car, Auto Fuel Doctor helps you in your time of need. There are times when you put petrol in diesel car by mistake and drive off without realizing the error. This can further damage the vehicle and prove to be more costly to the owner. Putting unleaded petrol in diesel car can be very harmful to the vehicle and your safety. Even a small amount of petrol in diesel car can prove to be flammable and put your life at risk.

Symptoms to look for

When you put petrol in diesel car, the engine of your vehicle will start reacting to petrol. It will seem as if it is getting bursts of fuel one second and then nothing the next. It will begin to cough and chug. Your vehicle will be low on throttle power. Even when you press hard on the accelerator, there will be very little power coming from the engine. Therefore, revving will not work correctly. Because petrol and fuel do not mix well and hinder the burning process, there will be a considerable amount of black smoke in the exhaust fumes. If you keep driving despite the symptoms mentioned above, the engine will eventually come to a halt altogether.

Why is it Bad?

When you put the wrong fuel in car, it can be catastrophic. Some of the things that happen when you put petrol in diesel car are mentioned below:

It can ruin the engine. It will put a financial strain on your wallet since warranties do not cover these types of problems. The engine could seize up. The fuel pump can be damaged because of metal’s constant contact on metal, which will eventually result in fuel system failure. Revving the engine repeatedly to get the car started will also result in severe engine problems. Due to putting petrol in diesel engine, the lubrication will be decreased, which will damage the inner workings of the car.

Our Services in UK

Auto Fuel Doctor provides the following services:

We provide the fuel drain service. If you do not know how to drain fuel tank, call our drain specialists, and we will do it for you. We will provide our wrong fuel recovery services. To remove the car’s fuel, call us to avoid incorrect fuel removal, which can damage your vehicle. We will drain, flush, and replenish the fuel system on the spot. If you first made the mistake of putting petrol in diesel car, do not repeat mistakes over mistakes while ignoring it. Stop! Call us at (011 322 44 56) for a wrong fuel recovery service. One of the specialists from Auto Fuel Doctor will provide you a top-quality wrong fuel service and will drain petrol from diesel.

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